Like any little girl, I wanted to be a famous rock drummer when I grew up. I drove my parents crazy drumming away in the garage, the attic, or wherever they could stash me and my mess of percussion instruments away. As I got older (I'd say wiser, but that's not really the case) I started studying composition with Dr. Clare Shore in sunny South Florida. When I transferred to the University of South Florida and joined SYCOM (an avant-garde collective of insane arts students and electronic musicians) I knew I had found my calling - experimental intermedia (or mixing video with electronic music and drums). 

I traded in my drumsticks for a mouse and decided to follow my love of rhythm, media technology, and science fiction to create groundbreaking futurist and sometimes downright creepy works like World Order #5, virelaan, and Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, the world's first feature length machinima opera. I enjoy combining futuristic fantasy with technology and creating innovative hybrid works that have never been seen before. So enjoy some of my music, watch a crazy video, commission me for a project, or lets meet up sometime for a chat. The future of music is now, and it is an incredible thing! 



Works performed internationally at the Beijing Conservatory, the International Computer Music Conference, Miramax's Project Greenlight, the Athena Festival, the New York International Independent Film Festival, Art Basil Miami, Turkey's Cinema for Peace, Art Miami, and Pulsefield International Exhibition of Sound Art, the Holland Animation Film Festival, Australasian Computer Music Confetence, Buffalo's Women and Arts Festival, and countless venues worldwide.

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Young is a sought-after lecturer and writer on music technology, social media, online collaboration, marketing, and contemporary music.


“Cook wrote that he’s impressed by the results. ‘It’s quite amazing. (It) has a wonderful anime/comic-book vibe to it…It’s pretty cool. The other singers are amazing. The chorus parts are epic. Quite an accomplishment…’ ” – Palm Beach Arts Paper
“One of my favorite things about this story is its odd apocalyptic tone and strong sci-fi/fantasy foundation. The dark quality that comes with it is the cherry on top.” –
“It was a heroic effort, and the level of singing in the animated opera was very high...It sounds like a graphic novel, and it looks like one, especially with its cartoon balloons taking the place of supertitles. As a story, it is very much in line with the good-vs.-evil sci-fi tradition, with the added bonus of a plucky female heroine…There are a good many percussion effects in the opera, and its tone is primarily quite dark and sinister, very much along the lines of acontemporary video game score.” Palm Beach Arts Paper Music Critic Greg Stepanich.

Faculty Matters Magazine Spotlight Sabrina Pena Young's New Opera Libertaria
by Melissa Kania at Melissa’s Musings

“The final talk of the opening session was Sabrina Pena-Young with her talk entitled “Singing Geneticists and EPIC Virtual Machinima Opera in Cyberspace.” Wow! I had absolutely no idea what to expect heading into this one, and it was absolutely so different than what I had expected.
Pena-Young spoke about a virtual machinima opera she created, using contributions from people all around the world. Participants sent in sound bytes, funding and ideas and it became this huge project composed of all these pieces from worldwide. The finished product is now available online for free.
But what I took away from her talk wasn’t anything specific necessarily about animation, design, or even opera. It was about individual ideas and how the power of a community – whether a block club, neighborhood groups or a worldwide virtual environment – can come together to create this incredible product at the end. If we work together, anything is possible.”

Sabrina Pena Young presents Libertaria: The Virtual Opera at TEDxBuffalo 2014


 TEDxBuffalo, Art Basil Miami, Art Miami, Opera America in NYC, Australasian Computer Music Conference, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Association for Computer Machinery Conference, Beijing Conservatory, Miramax’s Project Greenlight, New York International Independent Film Festival, International Computer Music Association, Holland Animation Festival, Fort Lauderdale International Independent Film Festival, Society for the Electroacoustic Musicians of the United States, International Alliance for Women in Music Conference, Vox Novus 60×60, New Music Box, Future of Music Symposium, Hartford Women Composer Festival, Faculty Matters Magazine Highlights Young’s Libertaria, Moviestorm.Com, Nashville Soundcrawl, Percussive Notes, Deep Listening Gallery, Elektra Special, French Television Broadcast, EuCuE Millikin University, Kansas State University, Arts NOW Series, Electrolune France, USF Hispanic Heritage Festival, Florida International University, Pulsefield International Exhibition of Sound Art, The Atlas Gallery Miami, WKMS Public Radio, Art@Radio University of Maryland, Feminist Theory and Music Conference, University of South Florida USF Contemporary Music Festival, IAWM Music Journal,Panpipes, SEAMUS Music Journal, TERZ Magazine

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