NOW! Create A Marketing Plan For Musicians

How to create a marketing plan a step by step guide for musicians and artists. In this video you will learn how to create a 1-page marketing strategy and plan for your career. When creating a marketing plan and strategy, it can be as complex or simple as you would like. 

The 1-page Marketing Plan for Musicians Breakdown 

The Purpose: visit your website? newsletter? video? Whatever action you want people to take, this is the place to say it. 

The incentive: This is the offer to motivate people to take that action. For example, give away or gear, gift card, backstage passes

Target Audience: Detailed profile of who these people are and how you can connect your message to them. 

The toolbox: This is all the resources you will use to get your message heard by your audience.

Your Brand: This is your identity and how it communicates in the marketplace and to your target audience. 

The Budget: How much money will be invested to make this a reality?

ArtistHustle. Take your hustle to the next level. Marketing & branding for musicians & entertainment brands. Debbie-Ann Shaw Owner of Artist Hustle. 


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